Trenary.orgVersion 2 (the old version) is back!

#1: Idea Version 2 (the old version) is back! Author: Andrew Post Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 8:01 pm

November 7, 2010

Who says I can't take a hint?

For anyone wondering, the purpose of the change was to move into more of a "social platform" and that's what the new software did. However, I didn't really have much of a chance to get the hang of the new software myself, so there's no way I could enthusiastically get behind it for others.

So, our old forum based version is back! (By the way, there was a link on the home page of the new version leading to this site, too... so technically, it never really left.)

Anyway... I'm still going to be trying to figure out how to make this more of a social platform... a place for the family to go to communicate what's going on, ala Facebook. So, while the site will stay the same, you'll see a lot of things being moved around over the next few weeks... or months, but I hope I get more time to work on it than that. There will be a little more focus on blogs, possibly the shoutbox, maybe chat, personal pictures, etc. Ideally, we'll see more of a divide between what members have done in the past 60 years and more of what we're doing now. I'll do my best to lead that drive.

You'll probably see some links to the old old version of This means "Version 1," which no one probably even remembers these days. That's good because the database isn't on the server and I'm thinking there's no real need to get it back up. This version, version 2, is what we're all used to. (Which begs the question, does going back to version 2 after moving on to version 3 make version 2 this time around really version 4? Let's all ponder that.) Version 1 is probably gone for good and I'll work over time to remove the links to it.

Also, the genealogy information is on hold. I just simply don't have the time for it. Once I get done moving things around here a bit and recruit some assistance, we'll get it back up.

Andrew and I have plans for some content here, too. Well, to be honest, we have the concept, but no real plans. Still, you should find something here later in the day.

Welcome back!
Trenary.orgVersion 2 (the old version) is back!

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